Womb Wasteland is a guppy of a blog in the sea that is the Internet. While I have hoped for a strong following, I have not necessarily expected one. I am very thankful for the 20 followers I have. Proof that I do not have a particularly strong following. *wink* (And to my followers, thank you for following—spending some of your precious time on reading about what I think, dream, and believe on this journey.) Now imagine my surprise when I learned someone was interested in paying me to write. (This from a person who has wanted to be a writer since elementary school.)

Beginning last week, I started posting blogs on EverydayFamily.com. It is a website dedicated to all topics that surround parenting. To read my first, visit “No, I Hate Kids.” While I will be blogging much of my journey on EverydayFamily.com, I will continue to blog on Womb Wasteland some of my side thoughts and information. I hope you are also willing to follow me at EverydayFamily.com. (New posts will be added on Tuesdays.)