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If you haven’t discovered the TTC community on YouTube™, you’re missing out. There is a plethora of ladies out there who are vlogging about their cervical mucus, BBTs, and baby dancing routines.  Some started vlogging simply for posterity and are not necessarily “infertile,” others wished to share their knowledge and experiences with infertility, while the rest just wanted to connect with women like themselves.

I first discovered the community three years ago following my first permanent change of station (PCS) with my husband. (Yes, my DH is in the military.) I was in a foreign state, let alone city, unemployed, and coming to the close of our first year trying to conceive. One late night I found YouTube before me, glowing on my laptop screen. Would anyone actually be vlogging about something so personal? I typed a few TTC keywords in the search field and hit enter. Yep. A lot of women in fact. Who needed The Learning Channel? All any woman needed to do was search for any TTC keyword on YouTube and she would suddenly find herself standing at a thousand plus women’s front doors who had vlogged on the very subject. It’s amazing the number of women who have taken the time to share their two cents.

Unfortunately, in many of these women’s cases, their two cents were often worth just that. It was difficult to locate women who were engaging, eloquent, informed and informative, earnest, and, quite frankly, chicks I’d want to know. To save you some of the frustrations I experienced, here is a young woman I enjoy watching and highly recommend.

Carla the Bubblelush LogoCarla the BubbleLush @TheBubblelush

She is one of the first women I started following way back in ’09 and continue to follow today (yes, she is a well-established, dedicated vlogger). Carla is in her late-twenties and was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and Factor V Leiden clotting disorder. She’s one of the more intelligent, engaging women in the TTC community. Her bubbly personality will draw you in and her journey will warm your soul. She offers great information about PCOS and common TTC procedures. So, check her out. I think you will like her, too.

View her first vlog, “TTC #1: Dr. Appt & Intro.”
Visit her blog, “The Bubblelush: Success After Fertility. Have Hope!

Happy YouTubing…