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Dr. Alan Beer's Is Your Body Baby Friendly? jacketIs Your Body Baby Friendly?
by Dr. Alan E. Beer et al.
2006, $15

This book outlines Dr. Beer’s well-researched theory that many women who suffer from unexplained infertility, multiple miscarriages, or IVF failures may be experiencing an autoimmune response that prevents conception or terminates pregnancies. Unfortunately, the in-depth testing this type of diagnosis requires is not routinely administered by most fertility doctors. Essentially, this book is about thinking outside the box.

So far, it is a slow read as it offers a lot of technical explanations, but it is worth your time. It is especially interesting to read the sections written by two of his former patients as only another infertile can explain it. This book was brought to my attention by a friend, Ms. B–, who has suffered seven miscarriages. She and her husband are heading to Chicago next week to undergo evaluations based on Dr. Beer’s research. I’ll try to update you on her experience at a later date.