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People are compelled to tell infertiles the most hurtful, bewildering things…don’t be one of them.

“Are you pregnant yet?” A co-worker asked me.
“No, but we’re likely going to do IVF in September.” I replied, a little annoyed. Uh, hello, didn’t you just hear me explaining my plans for taking time off to Michelle?
“Oh, well, I hope it works for you. I really do.” She mumbled partially slumped over her desk.
“Thanks. We do, too.” I unlocked the office door to leave.
“Oh, did I tell you my niece is pregnant with twins?”
“No. That’s great.” I said through a tight smile. I slipped open the door and tried to leave.
“Well, no, she aborted them.”
Stomp, stomp. WTF?
I paused in the threshold trying to give her niece the benefit of the doubt. “Oh, I guess she couldn’t keep them?”
“Well, she’s 18 and already has one she can’t take care of.”
Stomp, stomp, spit!
“Oh, wow.” What am I supposed to say now? “Well, too bad she didn’t consider adoption.”
“No. This way she can probably just get over it more quickly.” She had turned to face me now.
I bobbed my head up and down. “Hmm, uh-huh.” Yeah, no, I didn’t get it. So, where are you going with this, Charlene?
“She told her father not to tell me, because she knows how I feel about abortion…” Her voice echoed in my head before trailing off.
“Oh, well, that’s a difficult choice.” My voice spat flatly.
“I don’t think it should be used as birth control. I have strong opinions about this, you know?”
“Oh, yeah, because…”
“Because of the children I’ve had.”
Bitch slap.
“Well, it was her choice.” I checked the clock. “I’d better get going. Take care.” I exited swiftly. Once in the hallway, I rubbed my cheek and took stock of the chat we just had.